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Women’s Wellness App Features : Peanut Pro

Peanut, a social networking platform dedicated to women, has announced the launch of ‘Peanut Pro,’ a new feature that provides its users with access to various health and wellness experts. The brand has teamed up with over 100 experts from its already-existing network including therapists, psychologists, doulas, sex coaches, and sleep consultants.

The feature intends to help women connect with experts in specific areas of need while helping them build their networks on the Peanut app, which, more broadly, aims to facilitate the connection between women via group discussions, live audio content, and direct messaging.

According to Michelle Kennedy, the founder and CEO of Peanut, the new Peanut Pro feature was designed to increase the accessibility of expertise information:

“Not everyone can afford $200 for one-on-one consultations across sleep training or sex therapy, so if we instead provide access to short-form Q&As or online courses, suddenly support is decentralized. And, whilst we do that, women with expertise, our Pros, get paid regularly, with less invisible labor because their content is valued,” explained Kennedy in a recent press statement.

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