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Wellness-Enhancing AR Glasses : TRIPP

TRIPP, a company specializing in XR wellness and digital psychedelic solutions, has announced that it will be expanding into the augmented reality space, launching on Nreal’s 5G-powered mixed reality glasses.

According to a recent press release, TRIPP and Nreal are working on pioneering an “integrated approach to self-care and wellness across VR, mobile, and now AR.” Previously, TRIPP utilized VR technology to transport users to immersive environments for therapeutic reasons. Now, TRIPP aims to implement AR technology to create experiences that alter the way people perceive and interact with their actual lived environments.

More specifically, the new tool will feature psychedelic-like visuals that open through interactive portals and a variety of wellness-oriented exercises such as mini mindfulness games. “TRIPP is layering reality in an integrated way across mobile, AR and VR – to better support our members as they ‘life context switch’ throughout the day,” said the Chief Business Officer of TRIPP, Mani Srinivasan.

Image Credit: TRIPP

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