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Web3 AR Development Companies : kaleidoco

Kaleidoco is a creative web3 entertainment company most known for creating the ‘Particle Ink’ metaverse project. The company as a whole strives to foster human connection through innovative AR-powered experiences that are merged with the blockchain. As such, the company will use this funding for hiring initiatives, expansions, and R&D into new projects.

Kaleidoco will continue to create AR-powered entertainment experiences that take place in the 2.5th dimension, or the mixed reality space between the physical and virtual worlds. In addition to this, Kaleidoco unveiled an AR NFT collection tied to its Particle Ink metaverse. This collection will bring new rewards and experiences within the metaverse to customers lucky enough to acquire a token.

The first live event for the Particle Ink metaverse is taking place this week in the Las Vegas Arts District from 7 pm to 9 pm each day, beginning Wednesday. The experience is called ‘Particle Ink: The Speed of Dark,’ and it will serve as a gateway into the 2.5th dimension for visitors.

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