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Virtual Media Headquarters : Viceverse

Vice Media Group, a media and news publication targeted towards Millennial and Gen Z audiences, has teamed up with architecture studio Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) to launch ‘Viceverse,’ its first virtual headquarters located inside the metaverse.

The new space opened this week on Decentraland, a leading metaverse platform. According to the company, the new building will function as Vice Media’s virtual innovation hub, as well as a place where clients can experiment with NFTs, Web 3.0, and DAOs. Vice hopes to begin holding virtual meetings with collaborators and clients in the virtual headquarters, highlighting the brand’s forward-thinking approach to media and business.

“It just made sense to make a space for ourselves where we can invite clients and collaborators to dip their toes in that space without actually doing a big scale campaign. That’s why we set up an office,” said Morten Grubak, the global ECD of innovation at The Virtue Future (a division of Vice Media).

Image Credit: Vice Media Group

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