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Virtual Basketball Playoff Apps : ‘Pixel Arena

The NBA has partnered with Google Pixel to launch a new virtual space called the ‘Pixel Arena’ in the NBA App that will offer users a range of interactive activities tied to this year’s playoff games.

Fans will be able to enter the virtual arena and create NBA-themed avatars, video 3D highlight reels, and play NBA trivia.
Moreover, the new feature will allow users to “insert” themselves into past NBA games by using Google Pixel’s built-in gyroscope, as well as view 3D shot recaps in real-time during live games.

Overall, the new app works to promote both the NBA playoffs and Google’s Pixel smartphone. In particular, ‘Pixel Arena’ serves to highlight the Pixel’s unique tech features. In addition, the new partnership is part of a broader multi-year deal between the two companies, which aims to make the Google Pixel the “official fan phone of the NBA.”

Image Credit: NBA

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