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Updated Vehicular Infotainment Systems : android auto update

Google released a large Android Auto update for the popular infotainment service. One large issue with Android Auto that was difficult to rectify was compatibility across multiple vehicles. Different vehicles have infotainment displays of largely different sizes, orientations, and resolutions. This meant some vehicles had an excellent experience with Android Auto while some were difficult to navigate.

This new update allows Android Auto to dynamically scale its size and orientation to the display it is being outputted to. On top of this, the service now supports split-screen functionality on any display, allowing users to have a navigation map open while also having a communication window open. Google announced that these two services were the most popular uses for its Android Auto tool, so it focused on optimizing these two for split-screen. Aside from this, the tool will also display currently played music overtop of the windows. Lastly, the Android Auto Assistant will now be more proactive in order to keep drivers’ eyes’ on the road. The assistant will suggest intelligent replies to messages, and it can be controlled by voice.

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