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Ultra-Responsive ePaper Displays : ePaper display

E Ink has been busy of late launching a variety of electronic display novelties such as its recent ‘Gallery Plus’ ePaper, but the company is clearly not content to rest on its laurels, as is evident with the launch of the new ‘Gallery 3’ ePaper display, which happens to be designed for the needs of digitized signage.

The ‘Gallery 3’ ePaper makes use of E Ink’s proprietary Advanced Color ePaper system comprising a four-part ink mechanism. However, the latest and greatest version of the display features significant upgrades in terms of responsiveness, with standard color updates taking 750 to 1,000 milliseconds, best color modes taking 1,500 milliseconds and black and white elements taking only 350 milliseconds.

The ‘Gallery 3’ ePaper display also comes equipped with proprietary ComfortGaze functionality, which allows for less eye discomfort during long reading sessions.

Image Credit: E Ink

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