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Sub-Octave Effects Pedals : effects pedal

KMA Audio Machines, a Germany-based company that brings together the high-quality engineering that the country is famed for and combines it with a love of creative musical expression and tonal control in seamless fashion, has launched a brand new effects pedal that is designed to move away from the complex and dense philosophy of many contemporary pedals in favor of a more streamlined and analogue-inspired approach.

The ‘Queequeg 2’ effects pedal is effectively an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Queequeg Sub Generator, with the additions of sub-octave ranges that can be selected via a simple toggle mechanism. Moreover, the LED display ensures that players are always aware of what tone they’re using.

Available for around $168, this effects pedal is designed for guitarists who want to explore the musical realms made possible by lower octave ranges.

Image Credit: KMA Audio Machines

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