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Staring Contest AR Campaigns : Blink Break 1

Chocolate wafer brand KitKat has launched an all-new interactive campaign called ‘Blink Break’ that leverages artificial intelligence technology and augmented reality. The activation invites KitKat fans to use their smartphone’s selfie camera to participate in a staring contest with a variety of animals. The app can detect when a user blinks, in which case it will inform them that they have lost the challenge.

The playful activation will cycle through a range of “progressively more absurd animals.” The longer a user is able to hold out on blinking, the more random the animals seem to become. In addition, the app invites players to participate against other users on Instagram using the hashtag “#blinkchallenge.”

Overall, the game plays into Kit Kat’s broader ‘Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat’ slogan as it continually asks players if they “need a break?” as they stare off against their animal competitors.

Image Credit: KitKat

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