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Star-Studded TV Streamer Ads : Uma Thurman

Paramount Global has rolled out a massive and ambitious marketing campaign to promote the launch of its new streaming service Paramount+ in the UK and Ireland. The service will be available in the region starting June 22 and will offer users access to all Paramount Pictures exclusive content, blockbuster films, and TV shows.

To kick off the campaign, the company has premiered an advertising spot starring Uma Thurman, which centers around the superstar actress giving viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of Paramount mountain. Additionally, the campaign will include a large digital and out-of-home advertising push.

“We’ve launched an exciting, ambitious and far-reaching campaign to match the scale of the offering on Paramount+. This campaign is about unleashing the power of our brand and content to local audiences and is the biggest we have ever undertaken in this market,” said Anna Priest, Chief Marketing Officer, UK, at Paramount

Image Credit: Paramount+

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