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Spectral Freezing Plug-Ins : Frostbite 2

AudioThing’s Frostbite 2 is a new spectral freezing plug-in that uses freezing, ring modulation, and feedback delay to transform any audio signal into fresh reimagined soundscapes. AudioThing has made an intuitive and minimally designed user interface that splits the effect into sections, including: effects panel for the three effect modules, LFO module, and Master module.

The main effects panel is modular, allowing users to change the signal path using drag-and-drop to rearrange the Freeze, Ring Mod, and Feedback effect modules. Three different Freeze modes are included, each with differing lengths and techniques to mangle the input signal to achieve Frostbite’s “timeless” effect. Spectral mode uses FFT that replays and randomizes incoming audio samples, Reverb mode employs a classic reverb algorithm with an infinite decay, and Convolution mode multiplies the input signal using a randomly generated noise impulse for a maximum decay length of 60 seconds.

Frostbite 2’s internal LFO and Serial/Parallel signal flow modes also allow users even greater flexibility modulating the plug-in’s parameters and internal routing for developing elaborate soundscapes.

Image Credit: AudioThing Ltd.

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