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Signature Sound Plug-Ins : Al Schmitt

Leapwing has announced the Al Schmitt plug-in, a new signature tool developed in conjunction with the legendary producer-engineer of the same name, which captures his workflow and emulates the characteristics of his famous sound.

Al Schmidt is a Grammy award-winning recording engineer and producer who has worked on music by Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, and many more artists throughout his career. Maintaining the user-friendly retina design user’s have come to enjoy from Leapwing, the Al Schmitt signature tool deviates from the company’s other plug-ins by offering distinctive features that aim to capture his legacy and distinct sound.

The Al Schmitt plug-in has been meticulously crafted by analyzing the engineer’s past work, workflow and audio gear to authentically recreate six unique profiles for the different parts of a track, including: Vocal, Piano, Bass, Strings, and Mix (bus). Each profile comes paired with its own individual parameters and tuned harmonic distortion that can be dialed in to perfectly match your desired sound.

Image Credit: Leapwing Audio

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