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Shreddable Steampunk Guitars : steampunk guitar

Steve Vai is a guitar player who’s known as much for his flamboyant on-stage performances as his exceptionally technical high-speed guitar playing and his mastery of subtle melodies, which is precisely why Ibanez have launched a spectacular new steampunk guitar that is designed both to enable Vai to exude more musical brilliance and to add a heady dose of unforgettable visual style.

The ‘Hydra’ is a multi-string guitar that is truly a sight to behold. Its body houses a 12-string guitar with a partially fretted and partially fretless body, a seven-string guitar equipped with a whammy bar and a four-strong bass guitar with an abridged scale. As if that wasn’t extravagant enough, this steampunk guitar also has a harp attached to its rear.

Eyecatching beyond belief, this guitar is a fine instrument of a custom instrument being designed to match the versatility, playing ability and personality of a legendary musician.

Image Credit: Ibanez

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