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Relaxing Media Chairs : lg display media chair

The LG Display Media Chair is coming to CES 2022 and it is a new concept that combines a comfortable recliner with a 55-inch OLED TV display. With a curvature radius of 1,500R (the optimal angle for the user,) the screen shares an immersive and relaxing way to take in powerful built-in sound technology Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO.) This gives the screen the ability to vibrate to make its own sound without the need for external speakers.

From the armrest, users can change the orientation of the screen and make the most of their viewing experience for different kinds of content. The high-quality OLED display includes tens of millions of self-emitting pixels, which does away with the need for a separate backlight.

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  1. Wendy Parker

    Hi, one of my presets has stopped working on my Soundtouch10 – I have uninstalled the Soundtouch app and reinstalled it, but that hasn’t worked. The radio station is still showing, but doesn’t play. I get an error message of hmmm, we can’t play that right now. Please try later (3103)
    This has been like this for over a week now.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Kind regards

  2. John Andravalah

    Hello ,
    I will search motherboard bose soundtouch 30, the reference is 334437-0060



  3. Ron Walters

    I have misplaced my manual for my Biconic white ear buds. As a result I am having trouble pairing them with my Chromebook. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanx in advance,

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