Orion Timeless Trio


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Orion Timeless Trio – Get your audios going on with ORION wireless waterproof speaker! Using its unique features and built, this device adds an extra effect to every moment you celebrate, whether on the rooftop or out!

Orion Timeless Trio


  • 3x ORION Wireless Speakers
  • Superior technology producing superior sound.
  • Floats for extra convenience.
  • Powerful bass, crisp mid-highs, and crystal clear vocals.
  • 8-hour playback on a single charge.
  • Super portable with a diameter of 100mm and 224g.
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Perfect for beach, gym sessions, and hikes.
  • 2-Microphone Technology for quality calls on the go.
  • FREE International Shipping

Waterproof – With an IP67 rating, this wireless waterproof speaker can withstand a full-on dunk in water, and thanks to the high-quality fabric, you’ll have no problems washing it.

Floating Technology – These wireless waterproof speakers float. Have music blasting speakers float alongside you without any worries of it sinking.

Super Portability – This Bluetooth speaker has a surprisingly big sound for its small and compact size. With a 10m range and 10cm circumference, it makes it easy for you to listen to music wherever you go.


  • Hd Sound – Enjoy crystal clear vocals from all of your favorite anthems the way they are meant to be heard.
  • Rugged Design – Constructed to survive on the beach, hiking, and other rigorous exercise and outdoor activities.
  • Take Calls – 2-microphone call technology gives superior call quality wherever you are.
  • Reliable Wireless Connection – Seamlessly connect up to 10 meters away with the latest in Bluetooth technology.
  • Battery Life – Fully charged in 1.5 hours and has up to 8 hours of listening time.
  • Superior HD Sound – Experience a concert hall in your ears with extraordinary highs and deep, rich lows thanks to the best in audio engineering.

Orion Timeless Trio


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