Echo Show Screen Protector Webcam Cover Not only to protect Echo...


Echo Show Screen Protector Webcam Cover Not only to protect Echo Show screen is more important to Protect everyone’s privacy is safe.Designed by VMEI (Black)

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:)Whatis this: The screen is easy to leave fingerprints, while the Internet world where everyone’s 

privacy is important. So VMEI designed this multi-function Screen protector and Webcamcover.

🙂 Customer questions & answers

1.Question: I do not understand the directions???

Answer: It’slike any protector, clean screen, then use tape on screen to make sure all finestuff off, then peel protective film 

off of the protector, line up and placedown, make sure to press and push as many bubbles out as you shouldclear out.

 May I,Portia t, clean screen and use tape. Google any phone ortablet protector if not sure about the tape part

2. Question: Is this a glass screen protector or a thin vinyl?

Answer: It is a very durable glass protector. It saves yourtablet screen from damage and absorbs the stress instead. It is easy to 

clean and easy to install. Not so easy to remove if installed incorrectly.

3. Question: Does it easily come off if you need to remove it?

Answer: Yes, very easy to apply and to remove..

4. Question: Does this protector affect the sensitivity of echoshow pencil?

Answer: No the echo show Pencil works fine with this protector.



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