BOSE (R) 321 Series II DVD Home Entertainment System Graphite

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BOSE (R) 321 Series II DVD Home Entertainment System Graphite

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With refreshing styling, these speakers are a significant upgrade over most original equipment computer speakers. Bose proprietary TrueSpace™stereo signal processing circuitry widens the sound field, giving you a richer, more dramatic audio experience–whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game. The speakers are engineered to deliver pinpoint clarity, while the ported enclosure provides deep, clear low musical tones and special effects. Be prepared for newfound richness and depth from your favorite MP3, CD and streaming Internet audio. More punch and presence from computer games and DVDs. More overall enjoyment from your computer. And more convenience: volume control and headphone jack are located on one speaker, along with a second set of inputs, so you can use Companion 2 speakers for your portable MP3 or CD player instead of headphones. Want to hear more of what your computer has to offer? Move up to the Bose Companion 2 multimedia speaker system, and discover the sound you’ve been missing from your desktop or laptop.


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