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Premium Anime Streaming Services : seasonal sampler

‘Crunchyroll,’ the popular online platform for streaming anime, has announced it is ending its free, ad-supported tier in favor of ‘seasonal samplers.’ Previously, Crunchyroll users could pay a premium fee of $7.99 USD per month to receive new anime episodes day-one and ad-free. Alternatively, users could choose to use the service for free, but new episode releases would be delayed by one week, and the user would need to watch ads to support the site.

With this new service, there will be no change for customers who pay the subscription fee. However, for customers who used the ad-supported tier, they will now only be given the first three episodes of each show, as well as seasonal samplers. Seasonal samplers are select shows that will be released each anime season based on popularity. This new combination of three-episode teasers and seasonal samplers is intended to incentivize more users to subscribe to Crunchyroll’s premium service.

Image Credit: Crunchyroll

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