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Pocket-Sized Screen Projectors : ispace2 pro

Viewcomm launched a funding campaign for its upcoming high-definition projector, the ‘iSpace2 Pro.’ This screen projector is small enough to fit in a pant pocket, as it measures only 130mm by 42mm, and it weighs an ultra-light 425g. This makes the projector only slightly larger than a modern smartphone, which is an excellent size given the performance of the device.

The iSpace2 Pro is an Android 9-powered smart projector with wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to connect to a mobile application. With the mobile application, users gain access to a variety of media streaming applications and personalizations through settings. For users who prefer a hardwired connection, the iSpace2 Pro also features USB, HDMI, and USB-C ports for data sharing and media input connections.

Image Credit: Viewcomm

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