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Platform-Exclusive Music Albums : Donda 2

‘Ye,’ the professional singer formerly professionally known as Kanye West, has announced that ‘Donda 2,’ the sequel to his hit 2021 album, will only be available on one device. This device is Ye’s ‘Stem Player’ which is a pebble-like music speaker that allows users to customize the sound of audio playback on demand. The device features four ‘Stems’ each of which are tied to a part of the musical track, such as the vocals, bassline, or lead guitar, and users can adjust each of these Stems in real-time.

The decision to move his upcoming album exclusively to his own branded music player comes from the nature of the music industry. Ye mentioned in an Instagram post that artists “get just 12% of the money the industry makes” from their music. Therefore, the choice to place Donda 2 on the Stem Player exclusively results in the artist receiving the totality of the income the music generates.

Image Credit: Kanye West, Instagram

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