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Physics-Informed Digital Sculptures : motion sculpture

Digital artist Maxim Zhestkov’s first solo show at the W1 Curates gallery in London is up until September 8th, 2022, and the exhibition features a breathtaking digital “motion sculpture” installation. Informed by the laws of physics and the artist’s love of unpredictability, Zhestkov’s immersive computer simulation is called ‘Waves’ and it features “millions of spherical particles that move and collide with each other”—hence, why one would utilize the term “motion sculpture” to explain the piece.

The particles featured in Waves represent “waves of energy found in both digital and physical environments.” As even the smallest change causes a butterfly effect on the rest of the landscape, Zhestkov’s installation speaks to the intricacies of cause-and-effect and how everything around us—whether it has a digital or a physical form—can influence everything else.

Image Credit: W1 Curtes

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