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Phygital NFT Frames : print your eth

‘Infinite Objects,’ the company famous for its picture frames that let consumers display looping videos, has launched the ‘Print Your Eth’ initiative. With this initiative, Infinite Objects is allowing NFT owners to connect their ‘MetaMask’ wallet to an Infinite Objects frame in order to display verified NFTs.

Infinite Objects is platforming the artists who created the NFTs. Artists can choose whether or not to allow general collectors to create ‘Video Prints’ of their respective artworks. Additionally, the artist can choose a sale point for each unit that allows them to receive royalties on their work whenever it is purchased.

Once the frame has been purchased, it can be easily displayed on any surface in a home. The minimalist, magnetic power cable on the back of the frame is easy to hide, and the frame itself is durable enough to not break or crack when it falls. However, the Infinite Objects frames cannot be easily customized to display different videos.

Image Credit: Infinite Objects

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