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Personalized Video Creation Software : SundaySky

SundaySky is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that offers brands a suite of tools for creating highly personalized videos at scale. This summer, the company announced that it had officially closed a majority investment with Clearhaven Partners for over $100 million. According to the company, the investment will go towards “growth and innovation” for SundaySky, as well as “liquidity for existing shareholders.”

Already, SundaySky is responsible for powering over one billion personalized video expereinces per year. With SundaySky, professionals to easily produce, personalize, manage, and distribute videos to better capture their audiences’ attention. And what’s more, the platform does not require any video production experience for them to do so.

Historically… the creation and distribution of compelling video communications required significant time and resources, which made it prohibitive for organizations to utilize at scale. What excites us about SundaySky is the elegance by which the Company’s innovative SaaS platform enables businesses to efficiently scale their use of video communications to customers, employees, and other constituents through the platform’s ease of production, personalization, and distribution,” said Michelle Noon, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Clearhaven Partners.

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