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Personalizable Social Media Profiles : instagram profile customization

Meta is currently testing a feature on its image-sharing platform that allows for Instagram profile customization. Currently, any creator’s Instagram profile features a 3-column layout in chronological order where the newest posts are at the top. This order is not adjustable, and to make any stylistic changes requires deleting and re-uploading images. Meta has acknowledged the inconvenience of this feature and is adding a convenient method to organize profiles.

In this new update, Instagram users will be able to simply drag posts around in any order, allowing for creators to curate the front page of their profile with their most popular posts or with posts that represent their brand. This also allows for partnerships with creators where companies can pay for influencers to keep certain sponsored posts at the top of their feed for a certain amount of time. This feature is not only convenient for the average user but opens up a lot of space for monetization among content-creating users.

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