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Outdoor-Ready Mixed Reality Headsets : MR headset

The conceptual ‘Calypso’ MR headset has been designed by Hongik University students Hyelim Shin and Youngin Cho as a graduation project that imagines the future of wearables.

The headset consists of the head unit itself along with a separate processor that sits inside a cylindrical tube worn across the body. The equipment will work together to achieve impressive mixed reality (MR) experiences unlike what’s presently possible with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

The conceptual ‘Calypso’ MR headset allows for use almost anywhere and is equipped with four sensors at the nose along with two cameras located on either side. The use of bone conduction technology in place of headphones helps to further immerse users in a way that won’t completely disconnect them from the world around them.

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