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NFT-Connected Furniture : NFT-connected furniture

IKEA’S research lab, Space10, has proposed an interesting concept involving NFT-connected furniture. The concept is geared toward prolonging the longevity of physical furniture by linking it to “an ever-evolving NFT tree.” Space10 believes that by visualizing the lifespan of a furniture piece—the NFT tree will “grow through acts of care” like repairing, recycling, and reselling—individuals will be more incentivized to take better care of their belongings and therefore, consume less.

Space10 is testing this idea through Carbon Bank, a speculative design project that is run in collaboration with Berlin-based studio WINT Design Lab. The NFT-connected furniture, in question, is IKEA’s Froset chair, which is made out of wood. The non-fungible token is “an augmented reality artwork of a tree that mirrors the item’s real-life circumstances.”

Image Credit: Space10

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