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NFT-Based Music Platforms : squad of knights

‘Illmind,’ the 2x Grammy award-winning producer, has launched ‘Squad of Knights,’ an NFT-powered music production community. Illmind has previously worked with notable musicians such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Squad of Knights is the current culmination of Ilmind’s career that he has been working toward for several years.

In order to make Squad of Knights a reality, Ilmind partnered up with ‘Moonwalk’ and ‘Spatial.’ Moonwalk is an NFT and Web3 platform experienced in creating online spaces for communities. On the other hand, Spatial is a Metaverse-targetted platform for culture that allows users to customize virtual spaces for various events, such as meetups or conferences.

Users on Squad of Knights will be able to express themselves in the Metaverse in meaningful ways. Users will be able to collaborate with one another on music projects, participate in virtual games and challenges to earn the platform’s ‘$KNGHT’ token, and will be able to gain access to exclusive collectibles and merchandise.

Image Credit: Illmind

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