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NFT Art Creation Platforms : async marketplace

‘Async’ is an online web3 platform aiming to empower artists, musicians, and brands through the use of its ‘Async Marketplace.’ The Async Marketplace helps creators mint works of art, such as music, artpieces, and products, into NFT collections. The company stated that this process typically requires developers with coding experience, but its platform turns it into a simple three-set system.

First, creators must simply upload their artwork. Then the creator selects the quantity of NFTs for the collection and the rarity percentages, including how many levels of rarity and how many NFTs will be in each level of rarity. The platform then handles the rest of the process, and the digital artworks are ready to use on the blockchain.

Async’s marketing states that its platform is effective for providing “interactive experiences for the collectors,” continuing to state that the collectors can “Publish their projects to the Async Marketplace or any of our approved partners where art and music is built in front of their eyes.”

Image Credit: Async

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