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Music Platform Podcast Features : spotify 2

Spotify is testing out a new feature that will allow consumers to create podcasts in the Spotify app with the tap of a finger. First landing in New Zealand for a trial run, the feature allows users to create podcasts without the need for a separate application. Spotify already owns a podcast platform called Anchor, so the news of an in-app podcast feature is garnering excitement.

Spotify users will be able to record a podcast, pause recording, edit the recorded clip, and add background music, all with “no extra tools or hardware needed,” Spotify executive and Anchor co-founder Michael Mignano assures. Users can then assign the recording a title, write up a description, and hit the publish button.

Although a launch date for the podcast feature has not yet been confirmed by Spotify, users can visit the company’s New Zealand Twitter account for a preview of the tool.

Image Credit: Daniel Harvey Gonzales, Getty Images

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