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Multi-Chain NFT Marketplaces : UA Multimedia

UA Multimedia, Inc., a technology company focusing on crypto, blockchain, DeFi, NFT, and metaverse applications, has announced the launch of Gogi Marketplace, the company’s first beta NFT marketplace.

Gogi Marketplace is powered by Binance Smart Chain and designed to allow users to find, buy, and sell digital collectibles using BNB. According to UA Multimedia, the company opted to use Binance because the gas fees for transactions are significantly lower than those on Ethereum, Binance’s leading competitor.

“The Gogi Marketplace launch marks the second milestone in our ecosystem initiative,” commented Michael Lajtay, CEO of UA Multimedia. “The growth potential in the NFT and metaverse market is enormous and we firmly believe that our expansion in this space will position us as a major player and a direct beneficiary of such growth.”

Image Credit: UA Multimedia, Inc.

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