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Multi-Blockchain Wallet Apps : Nufinetes

Multi-blockchain wallet app Nufinetes has announced the launch of an all-new feature that will enable its users to interact with NFTs built on the Ethereum chain. Now, Nufinetes users will be able to view and send Ethereum-based NFTs through a simple and intuitive interface.

With the update, users can now take advantage of several decentralized exchanges and buy NFTs from multiple NFT marketplaces, further making Nufinetes a true all-in-one app. In addition, the company also announced that it had upgraded the app’s security to further protect its user’s privacy and finances.

“Users now have the ability to sign transactions across multiple blockchains. Using Ethereum/BSC’s Wallet Connect or VeChainThor’s signing function, users can interact with dApps across all networks, freely sending transactions to a blockchain of choice,” said the company in a recent statement.

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