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Motherboard-Branded NFT Collections : phantom gaming evo

ASRock, the Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, has released the ‘Phantom Gaming EVO’ NFT series in collaboration with ‘BIOSTAR,’ the Taiwanese technology manufacturer. This NFT series will contain 100 NFTs, and it debuted in January of 2022 with an initial offering of 30 NFTs for 0.1 Ethereum each, which is roughly $250 USD. The remaining 70 NFTs have yet to be released and will feature steadily increasing prices. The NFTs in this series are being sold on ‘OpenSea,’ an online Web3 platform.

The NFTs themselves are small video files of the Phantom Gaming EVO logo rotating in a graphical animation. Proceeds gained from the sale of this NFT collection will go towards what ASRock is calling the ‘ASRock NFT Fund.’ The money in this fund will be used for a variety of Metaverse-targetted ventures such as creating digital experiences, providing opportunities for Web3 creators, and funding designers.

Image Credit: ASRock, BIOSTAR

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