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Mobile Music Metaverses : Elynixir

Pixelynx, an emerging music-focused metaverse gaming platform founded by deadmau5, has announced the launch of ‘Elynxir,’ the company’s first-ever mobile game. This week, the new game was unveiled at Niantic Lightship Summit in San Francisco.

To create the new game, Pixelynx teamed up with the New York-based design studio WØRKS, which is widely known for its work with Kanye West, Versace, Fear of God, Louis Vuitton, and more. Together, the two companies aimed to create a highly immersive game that would allow musicians and fans to interact in ways that were never possible before Web3.

“Elynixir introduces an entirely new level of creative immersion and gameplay in the music metaverse. It’s a world built on the premise that artists and fans want fun and exciting new ways to interact and drive culture together,” said Pixelynx CEO Inder Phull.

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