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Mindful Metaverse Hubs : ChopraVerse

SEVA.LOVE, a dedicated NFT platform for good, teamed up with Utopia and wellness leader Deepak Chopra to announce the ChopraVerse: House of Enlightenment. SEVA.LOVE is on a mission to create a more conscious Web3 community, as well as a more peaceful, sustainable, joyful and healthy real world.

With a design by Vera Iconica Architecture, this hub is described as “Deepak Chopra’s personal home in the metaverse.” While most metaverse spaces today are focused on gaming, this sanctuary is a destination for human avatars and artificial intelligence beings alike, and it promises to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

Downloadable blueprints for the physical world via NFTs will be available through this collaboration and it fills a gap in the market with a specific focus on well-being and community-building in the metaverse.

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