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Metaverse-Ready GIS Platforms : METAGEO

San Francisco-based METAGEO has announced the launch of its eponymously named GIS platform that was designed to enable organizations to host, analyze, and share 3D map datasets between any internet-capable device. The platform takes location-based data from the physical world and streams it to Internet-based devices or metaverse platforms.

According to the company, the new technology addresses a common GIS problem: most GIS platforms are costly and complex to use. In addition, most utilize files that are too large for viewing on mobile devices or rendering in VR environments. In contrast, MATEGO is an affordable, user-friendly platform that can download data from multiple sources. These include mobile devices, satellites, drones, IoT sensors, 3D models, and topographic maps.

The company intends for its innovative platform to be used in a range of industries such as architecture, academia, construction, engineering, environmental monitoring, public safety, and more.

Image Credit: METAGEO

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