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Metaverse Pharmacies : MAG

iMining Technologies, a leading publicly-traded Web3 tech company, has announced that its subsidiary Metaverse Advisory Group (MAG) has entered a partnership with Noman Qureshi, owner of the Pharmacy Group, to help develop and launch a series of metaverse-related endeavors; the most notable of which is MAG’s plan to launch the world’s first virtual pharmacy, which will be hosted on the popular metaverse platform, Decentrland.

According to MAG, the new metaverse pharmacy aims to improve medication adherence by offering patients a unique way to set up automatic refill reminders, schedule virtual one-on-one consultations, and take advantage of other pharmacy-related services, all while remaining totally virtual.

“As the digital world evolves, virtual and metaverse based healthcare services will become increasingly more important,” stated Noman Qureshi, Pharmacist and manager of the Pharmacy Group.

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