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Metaverse Mega Yachts : metaflower super mega yacht

Republic Realm recently sold a mega yacht in the metaverse titled the ‘Metaflower Super Mega Yacht.’ This is an NFT tied to a digital one-to-one replica of a mega yacht, which can be explored in The Sandbox. The mega yacht is a part of ‘The Fantasy Collection,’ a series of high-profile, luxury NFTs developed exclusively for The Sandbox metaverse.

The Metaflower is just as much of a status symbol in the metaverse as it is in real life, with only wealthy bidders owning the massive virtual asset. Additionally, the Metaflower’s owner can offer virtual tours of the yacht, and charge small entrance fees in cryptocurrency, meaning this is a profit-generating digital asset, as well as a luxury status symbol.

This luxury digital yacht is equipped with various amenities and features, such as virtual helipads, a metaverse DJ booth, and more, that all add to the attraction of the yacht.

Image Credit: Republic Realm

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