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Metaverse Concert Venues : metaverse concert hall

Warner Music Group has opened a Metaverse concert hall inside of ‘The Sandbox,’ an online video game where corporations and individuals can purchase ownership of plots of digital land. The amount of land Warner Music Group acquired for this concert hall is substantial, with the company stating that it is the “metaverse equivalent of a beachfront property,” meaning that this is a large, lavish venue for digital concerts.

Virtual concerts are not new to the gaming world as games such as Fortnite, Adventure Quest 3D, and even Roblox have hosted largely successful virtual concerts. However, Metaverse concerts have not yet proven to be this successful, as Meta’s previous Quest concerts held a much more modest attendance. This push from Warner Music Group could be the initiative that the Metaverse needs to truly adopt and popularize digital concerts and experiences.

Image Credit: The Sandbox

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