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Metaverse ATMs : Decentraland 1

Leading metaverse platform Decentraland has officially partnered with Transak and Metaverse Architects studio to introduce its first virtual ATM.

The digital ATM can be used to withdraw Mana, Decentraland’s in-game cryptocurrency currency. According to the company, the ATM has been created to enable a more seamless and lifelike user experience. Though this is the first ATM to ever be developed for Decentraland, it is worth noting that it is not the first metaverse platform to introduce banking applications and bank-like virtual spaces. For example, earlier this year, JP Morgan opened a virtual banking lounge in Decentraland, while HSBC launched the world’s first metaverse bank on The Sandbox.

Decentraland has also stated that it will assist developers with integrating the new ATM in an effort to help them monetize digital real estate.

Image Credit: Decentraland

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