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Masterful 3D Architectural Renditions : Frank Lloyd Wright’s

Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural designs have been rendered in 3D by home project internet company Angi. Angi took on the unusual task of bringing some of the midcentury American architecture master’s houses to life that were never built prior to the end of his career.

More than 1,171 of Wright’s architectural designs never came to tangible fruition. Angi selected three of the unrealized gems to be digitally reconstructed. These include the Mrs. David Devin House (Chicago, 1896), the Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand (Connecticut, 1945), and the Lake Tahoe Lodge (Lake Tahoe, California, 1923). After much research through the late architect’s archive sketches, the digital company worked with NeoMam Studios to create the 3D photorealistic renders of the selected architectural designs.

Image Credit: Angi / NeoMam

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