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Luxury Supercar NFTs : MSO LAB

McLaren announced the ‘MSO LAB’ project, which is debuting with the ‘Genesis Collection’ of 2,012 NFTs. These NFTs will feature the McLaren P1 and McLaren P1 GTR vehicles with different paint jobs, accessories, license plates, and features. When customers purchase one of the NFTs, the actual series number and details surrounding the NFT will be unbeknownst to them until they receive the token itself.

Among the 2,012 NFTs, there will be five separate tiers of value. There will be 1,000 in the lowest tier, 893 in the fourth tier, 100 in the third tier, 14 in the second tier, and only five NFTs in the rarest first tier. Each of the five tier-one NFTs features iconic stylizations that are specific to the McClaren brand, such as a dual-toned Papaya paint job or a full black carbon fiber racing frame.

Image Credit: McLaren

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