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Live Music Discovery Features : concert discovery

‘Shazam,’ the application that automatically listens to songs and finds the name and artist of the song, has added a concert discovery feature to its application. The concert discovery feature will show the upcoming tour dates, concert locations, and ticketing info to users who utilize Shazam to find out the information of a song. For example, if a Shazam user detects the ‘Emo Girl’ song by Machine Gun Kelly, the application will show upcoming concert dates and locations for Machine Gun Kelly.

The concert information is gathered from ‘Bandsintown,’ an online solution for artists, managers, labels, and agents. Shazam released this feature in an effort to support bands and promote live, in-person concerts as the COVID-19 restrictions ease up around the world. According to Shazam, fans have a “pent up demand” for live concerts.

Image Credit: Shazam

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