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Limited-Edition Candy Sneakers : sole quest

Gushers announced ‘Sole Quest,’ an online event in celebration of the brand’s new sneaker for the metaverse. The sneaker will be available online only at ComplexLand, a shoppable virtual experience and web3 platform. The sneakers will only be available as a digital wearable for most consumers. However, several lucky winners will win a real-life version of the limited edition shoes.

In order to receive a chance to win, ComplexLand attendees will need to participate in Gushers’ Sole Quest, a set of virtual tasks that will reward the players that complete it with a virtual pair of sneakers alongside an entry into a draw for the physical pair.

The pair of shoes itself was designed by ‘RAL7000STUDIO,’ an Italy-based design studio that captured the essence of Gushers in the shoes. The eyestay of the shoe is covered in a splash of colorful Gushers goo, while the outsole features a plethora of colors inspired by Gushers snacks. The bottom sole of the shoe features the phrase “let your sole out” to encourage self-expression.

Image Credit: Gushers

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