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LGBTQ+ NFT Collections : pride icons

‘Pride Icons’ is a new, exclusive NFT collection and associated social club that honors LGBTQ+ identities. The group’s first collection is the Pride Icons collection, and it is launching throughout Pride Month, which begins on June 1st. Throughout the month of June, a few NFTs will launch each day on OpenSea.The collection features 100 icons of LGBTQ+ culture. These icons include celebrities, activists, leaders, and other prominent figures.

In addition to launching NFTs that honor these individuals, Pride Icons announced its commitment to donating $1 million USD in proceeds to LGBTQ+ supporting organizations, such as ‘GLAAD,’ ‘The Trevor Project,’ ‘GLSEN,’ and more.

Eliad Cohen, the Co-Founder of Pride Icons and prominent LGBTQ+ advocate, stated that “The LGBTQ+ community has been featured in NFT collections but Pride Icons is the first time we are able to fully claim ownership and empower the community to become more involved in NFTs and web3 initiatives.”

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