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Intellectual Property-Protecting Features : insert watermark

Google has added a new ‘Insert Watermark’ feature to its Google Doc word processor. This feature can be found under the ‘Insert’ tab and will allow users to either upload an image or type text to instantly generate a digital watermark in the document. These watermarks can be inserted in front of or behind the text in the document, which can help streamline a variety of business-related documents.

For example, users can denote the document as a draft, a final copy, a confidential document, a sensitive document, or whichever other categorization needs to be constantly made apparent. In addition to this, the watermarking feature can be used to protect intellectual property, as placing it on top of the text makes it more difficult to copy, and easier to detect which version is the original.

This feature is slated to roll out to desktop users on February 14th and there is currently no word on when this feature will come to the Google Docs Android app.

Image Credit: Google

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