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Hybrid Work-Focused Mapping Tools : workplace indoor mapping

‘ServiceNow,’ the Santa Clara-based software company, announced the ‘Workplace Indoor Mapping’ feature for hybrid work environments and retail locations. The feature was created following ServiceNow’s acquisition of ‘Mapwize,’ a France-based mapping solutions company. With this new feature, users on ServiceNow’s Now Platform will be able to port existing maps to the digitized Now Platform. This allows workplaces and retail locations to dynamically interact with the map to display information such as which rooms are currently occupied, which help desks have staff, and which buildings are currently busy.

ServiceNow stated that this service is intended for the hybrid work environment. As some employees only come into the office on one day per week, the office could undergo changes while the worker is away. These changes can range from physical construction changes up to managerial changes, such as when certain teams are occupying certain rooms. Essentially, the Workplace Indoor Mapping feature on the Now Platform will prevent individuals from getting lost or from wasting unnecessary time navigating a workplace.

Image Credit: ServiceNow

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