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Hospitality NFT Initiatives : chfty pizzas

Two prominent restaurateurs have announced the sale debut of the ‘Chfty Pizzas’ NFTs. The Chfty Pizzas NFT project was launched by Spike Mendelsohn and Tom Colicchio in order to raise money for connecting the food and beverage communities to the world of Web3. The first batch of Chfty Pizzas NFTs will be available for purchase on March 24th. This batch contains 2,777 NFTs, each of which will cost 0.07 ETH, or approximately $205 USD, plus transaction fees. The initial batch is expected to raise roughly $500,000 for the cause.

The Chfty Pizzas founders also run a ‘Discord’ server where fans of Web3, members of the hospitality industry, prominent chefs, and interested fans can interact. This Discord server alone has contributed to a variety of “foodies” experiencing a large growth in interest in NFTs and cryptocurrency due to the Blockchain’s unique capabilities that can be utilized by the hospitality industry.

Image Credit: Chfty Pizzas

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