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Horse-Supporting NFTs : horse nfts

Lexington, Kentucky, one of the leaders in world-class thoroughbred horses, has launched a charitable initiative involving a collection of horse NFTs. The ‘Non Fungible Thoroughbreds’ collection by ‘VisitLex’ contains 10 images of pixelated horses that will be sold, as the campaign says, “for a fraction of the cost of a real pony.”

The humorous advertising for these NFTs involves a play on the stereotype of children wanting a horse as a gift for the holidays, but instead, parents can provide their children with a horse NFT that does not need to be fed, housed, or trained. VisitLex makes fun of the idea of NFT horses as a substitute throughout its entire marketing, with self-aware and self-deprecating jokes about the NFThoroughbreds themselves.

On the plus side, proceeds from the sale of these NFT horses will go towards supporting ‘Old Friends Farm,’ a nonprofit organization in Georgetown, Kentucky that comfortably houses horses that have retired from racing or breeding.

Image Credit: VisitLex

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