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Hefty Direct-Drive Turntables : direct-drive turntable

Music Hall, a New York-based company that specializes in crafting high-end audio gear and components, has launched an unabashedly heavy direct-drive turntable that is designed to offer high-quality performance, precise functioning and long-term enjoyment of music from its sizeable package.

This turntable weighs in at 1.8 kg, which makes it heavier than many popular offerings on the market. However, this hefty package is more than worth it due to the fact that the turntable includes features such as vibration-damping, multiple playback speed options and automatic stopping.

While there’s no question that vinyl has been making a big comeback in recent years, the fact of the matter is that many manufacturers in the space are increasingly focusing on smaller and portable solutions. With the advent of the Stealth direct-drive turntable, Music Hall is showing that there will always be a place for more technologically advanced and durable turntables even if they come with increased weight.

Image Credit: Music Hall

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