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Global Entertainment Properties : momolu and friends

‘Momolu and Friends,’ is a children’s animation show targeted at preschoolers and young children created by Ferly, Yellow Animation, and Digital Graphics. Ferly is a Finnish animation, publishing, and licensing studio that is currently partnered with various television and distribution studios across Canada, the U.K, and Finland.

Ferly recently announced Superights, the international distribution company that focuses on children’s content, as the global distributor for the Momolu and Friends brand. Superights will distribute the intellectual property to all countries excluding German-speaking territories, Finland, Norway, Benelux, and Canada.

Ferly stated that the Momolu and Friends brand is designed to help children overcome an increasingly complicated, and difficult to navigate, world. The story focuses on Momolu, an unassuming panda who consistently faces funny situations that require his help.

Image Credit: Ferly

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